Radio Capture & Steaming Box

Streaming radio from your home town in Kasam, Zambia might seem like a stretch, but Media Measure is making this a reality. With customers in 10 African markets and a growing network of radio streamers, soon you’ll be able to listen to all of Africa from anywhere in the world.

But these streaming boxes do so much more, helping Media Measure’s customers ensure that their advertising budget is well spent and accounted for.

With the ability to capture live radio and stream this over 3G networks Media Measure is able to put there customers’ minds at ease all from their offices in Johannesburg.

Offering remote management and monitoring and an 8 hour battery backup, Media Measure is able to check up on their devices in real-time and take corrective action by dispatching support teams to sites in the eventuality of a failure in the field.

These prototypes have been field tested and proven, and are merely a stepping stone to Media Measure’s vision of a fully industrialised capture ans streaming device.

Home Automation Device (REMAC)

Home Automation Device (REMAC)
Home Automation and IoT are buzz words floating around these days. Unfortunately Home Automation solutions have not been as easy to come by or easy to use for most of us. The Current Whizz is looking to provide practical home solutions and has developed REMAC. The REMAC system is modular and expandable to fit small or larger homes. With the ability to monitor the state of devices as well as control and automate devices in and around the home.

With REMAC you will be able to monitor and control a wide range of devices within your home. From gate and garage motors, to light switches and alarm panels, monitor temperatures and the state of your electricity supply (because you just can’t trust Eskom these days).

Monitor and control your home remotely, from the web or using our custom built app. With integration of security cameras feeds, you can even view you front door and verify who is there before letting them in without leaving the comfort of you chair (at the beach).

Contact us for more information and to have the Current Whizz visit you for a consultation and demo.

3D Printed WiFi Streaming Radio

3D Printed WiFi Streaming Radio
Born out of a desire to experiment and to improve upon an existing service, the Wi-Fi radio streamer offers the ability to stream radio and other audio feeds in a dedicated device. The on-screen controls allow you to select your feed, stop and play the feed, adjust the volume and generally enjoy what you’re listening to.

With our first foray into 3D printing we also designed and printed enclosures to fit the device in a neat and compact manner.

Sure Alexa has skills, but so do we, and we think that with some refinement, Alexa is going to have some serious competition.